The Proof Is In The Performance

What a lovely Saturday morning! It is dreary, drizzly, and rainy and my lawn loves it. We’ll have more rain this morning, but this afternoon will dry out. Tomorrow will be dry and warmer.

This was a busy week for weather. If you were watching Channel 5, you saw a tornado heavily damage the El Reno air park live from Sky 5 on Monday. We were also the only station to provide live pictures of the tornado from our ground crews at the same time Sky 5 was showing the tornado. We had at least 5 ground crews that had video of the tornado. No other station even came close.

Yesterday we showed you exclusive video of a tornado that briefly touched down in Greer county north of Mangum. We also were the only station to show video of the flooding that was taking place in Ponca City. There is a reason that Eyewitness News 5 is the fastest growing news station in the state. The proof is in the performance.

I’ll be heading to bed early tonight. I have to get up Sunday morning at 4:30. I need to be downtown by 5:30 to run in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. I’m not running the whole thing, just 6.2 miles of it. I am on a relay team with four other people from Newsradio 1000, KTOK. I’m running the first leg of the marathon which starts at 6:30 am. This is the first time I have participated in a marathon and I’m looking forward to it. The weather looks good with temperatures at the start of the race near 50 with a bit of a breeze.

Have a great day and enjoy the wet weather. You’ll be able to spend time outside tomorrow.



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