Eagle Pass Tornado Rated

The National Weather Service in Austin and San Antonio recently sent out a report on the Eagle Pass tornado that resulted fatalities right along the Texas-Mexico border last Tuesday.

They found that the tornado was an EF-3 on the new Enhanced Fujia Scale with a path width of one-quarter mile and a path length near one mile.

The max winds estimated in the tornado were around 150 mph.

Besides tornadoes, the supercell thunderstorm also produced golf ball size hail and outflow winds (non-tornadic) around 80 to 100 mph.
Here is a look at radar reflectivity (some of the colors associated with lighter precipitation are removed) and velocity from the thunderstorm:

There is definitely a classic supercell structure with the thunderstorm and a velocity couplet (area where green and reds are next to each other) associated with the tornado.

You can read more of the report by clicking here.

Weather Intern

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