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Come and see….
September 30, 2007

That was part of our lesson today at church. We don’t do enough of that. I want to invite you to come and see what Life Church is doing. Pastor Craig Groeschel is now leading the 3rd largest church in the country. In just ten years, God has used Craig to grow the church from his garage to saving thousands of lives through a network of campuses. An average weekend at the Life Church campuses leads about 300 people to Christ. Think about that for a minute. All of these people have a new start on life and eternal salvation. If you’ve been to church before and fell asleep, didn’t connect, were bored, didn’t understand, couldn’t relate, or left unfulfilled, then this church is for you. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. As a matter of fact, you can watch past sermons or next Sundays, live online, if you choose to give it a try and aren’t ready to make that step inside any one of the buildings across town. Pastor Craig is a guy who lived a life of sin like all of us before God saved him, so his preaching style is one everyone can relate to. If you do attend, send me an email, I would love to hear your personal story of “come and see”.
Here’s the website:


An Active Pattern
September 30, 2007

As we bid farewell to September and say hello to October, our weather pattern is becoming more active and progressive, which is common for early autumn.

A cold front will move across western and central Oklahoma today. The air behind the front is very dry, while out ahead of it the air is moderately moist. The best upper level dynamics will pass to our north today, but frontal convergence and daytime heating will help fire up some thunderstorms over central and eastern Oklahoma. A couple of severe storms are not out of the question, although a greater number of severe storms will be likely in Kansas and points northeast.

Another fast moving system will come through on Tuesday with another risk of severe storms. After that, another system will move into the state next Saturday. Next Sunday could be a rather chilly day so stay tuned.

So it looks like a busy weather pattern for the upcoming several days. Aaron will have all the latest information throughout the day on Eyewitness News 5. I’ll have a new edition of Hardcore Weather on the server Monday morning by 10:00 am.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Lorenzo to bring Oklahoma rain
September 30, 2007

Well, in a sense. You see, the former hurricane dissipated over the Mexican coastline just south of Brownsville, Texas. However, the moisture from the storm will get picked up in the low level jet and mid levels of the atmosphere and move into the state by Sunday afternoon. As this occurs, a powerful storm system will move into Kansas, dragging a cold front into the state. Together, we should get some decent rains out of the mix for our Sunday afternoon and evening.

Another system will graze the state on Tuesday. Each time we could see a little severe weather, so be ready if that happens. We are heading into our “mini” second severe weather season which typically lasts into early November.

BTW…we showed the first snow at Mt. Hood, Oregon today. Kids were going crazy over the white stuff!


More Storms Out West
September 28, 2007

We’ve seen more scattered showers and thunderstorms primarily across southwest Oklahoma this afternoon.

At least one of these storms produced some severe weather. Earlier this afternoon as a storm collapsed near Clinton, the cold air aloft from the storm rushed to the surface. The outflow from the storm produced a wind gust of 63 mph at Clinton and dropped the temperature to a cool 70 degrees!

The storms have shown signs of weakening and should continue to do so throughout the evening.

At this time it looks like the next chance of strong or severe storms in the state is Sunday as a cold front moves in.

Meteorologist Intern

Carbs and diet
September 28, 2007

Okay, so last night I opened my mouth about dieting and how carbs can lead to fat gains. So here it is, I’m going to take the time here to explain what I’ve learned over the last 13 years in diet and exercise. In reality I should just write a book about it, but those are a dime a dozen.

Carbs are simply a “shuttle”. They shuttle nutrients to your muscles which include protein, glycogen, and water, but they can also shuttle fat intake into fat stores. The trick is “timing”. Carbs aren’t the only piece of the equation, calories are. Bottom line, calories in, calories out. Multiply your body weight by 12 and that is roughly the amount of calories you need on a daily basis. Multiply by 10 to loose weight, by 15 to gain.

Do you want to have a ripped and muscled physique? Bodybuilders work hard to achieve this and they do it without dieting gimmicks, but follow sound principles and the latest research.
I’m not saying that everyone has to be like a bodybuilder, but you need to adopt some of their principles if you wan to achieve your goals.

Diet is 75% of the equation, the other 25% is working out and rest. Sleep is very important, all studies show that 8 hours is optimum. Anything less or more and you decrease your life expectancy. Working out is simple, always choose weightlifting over cardio if you have to choose, but a good balance is best. 30-45 minutes on the treadmill after a good weightlifting session will help burn off the added fat storage because by then you have exhausted your carbohydrate (fuel) storage. Some argue that cardio first thing in the day on an empty stomach taps into the fat reserves even better. Without lifting weights, you can’t build strong bones and muscles which will be vital in getting you through the later stages in life. That’s the simplest reason why it is better than cardio alone. As far as what to lift, exercise each body part equally and starting out with 3 sets of 8 is just fine. You can mix it up as you get deeper into your program.

Okay, so I got off track, back to diet…75%? Really? Yes. The cleaner you keep your diet the less you have to worry about gaining unwanted pounds. All lean meats, veggies, and complex carbs such as oatmeal, brown rice, and sweat potatoes are a bodybuilders staple foods and should be yours. If you have the money, you can buy the protein shakes to help get the protein count in per day if needed. As a general rule, apply 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. Fats such as olive oil, Omega 3/6, flaxeed are top choice. If you want to melt the fat quickly, you need to follow an atkins type diet for 5 days of fat/protein, followed by 36 hours of carbs. This is a similar approach bodybuilders use to rip up and drop that last bit of body fat before they appear onstage. You can use it to just to lean up. This is called a CKD diet, do a search on google and you will be able to read more about it. Try this for a couple of months then move back to a well balanced diet.

There you have it, I just gave you about $200 worth of advice for free. The bottom line is that if you want to look good, you have to eat and train to do so. There is no magic pill or potion. Hard work, willpower, and dedication is what gets you the results and helps you form the building blocks needed to keep it that way.


‘Meteorite’ Crash Breeds Mass Hysteria
September 27, 2007

Remember the blog a week or so ago about the Peru meteorite? Now experts are saying that people are getting sick because it’s all in their head. Oh yeah, forget science, it must be psychological! -AT

On what started as a normal Saturday night one week ago, residents of a small, remote Peruvian town saw a bright light streak across the sky, heard a resounding bang and suddenly found themselves at the center of a media frenzy.

Initial suspicions of an airplane crash quickly spiraled into widespread reports that a meteorite had plummeted to Earth and left a smoking, boiling crater whose supposedly noxious fumes were reported to have sickened curious locals who went to peer at the hole.

Despite doubts expressed by geologists that the crater was actually caused by a meteorite and firm explanations that a meteorite would not even emit fumes and that the “sickness” was likely a case of mass hysteria, numerous onlookers far and wide were fascinated by the idea that this event could be some real-life “Andromeda Strain” (the 1969 novel by Michael Crichton), where a mysterious rock falling to Earth from outerspace made anyone who went near it ill.

So what is it about things falling from the sky that fills us with such fear that we can make ourselves sick with panic?

Mass hysteria

Media reports of the number of locals afflicted by a “mysterious disease”–with symptoms such as nausea, headaches and sore throats–after visiting the crater figured in every news article about the Aug. 15 event, with some reporting that as many as 600 people had fallen ill.

But doctors who visited the site told the Associated Press they found no evidence that the crater had actually sickened such a large number of people.

If noxious fumes did emanate from the crater, they were most likely the result of a hydrothermal explosion that could have actually formed the crater, or were released from the ground when the meteorite struck, if in fact one did, according to many geologists.

Arsenic is found in the subsoil in that area of Peru and often contaminates the drinking water there, according to Peruvian geologists quoted on Sept. 21 by National Geographic News. Arsenic fumes released from the crater could have sickened locals who went to look, said one geologist who examined the site.

Some health officials suggest that the symptoms described by the locals, the large number of people reporting symptoms, and the apparently rapid spread have all the hallmarks of a case of mass hysteria.

“Those who say they are affected are the product of a collective psychosis,” Jorge Lopez Tejada, health department chief in Puno, the nearest city, told the Los Angeles Times.

This psychosis could have begun as a result of fear of the meteorite and the mysterious “disease” on the part of the residents and spread as official and media reports seemed to confirm it and give it credence.

“The Peruvian event seems to be a rare case where we may be witnessing collective anxiety that is approaching near hysteria,” said Benny Peiser, a social anthropologist at John Moores University in England. “The major[ity] of the affected Peruvian town hinted that some of the mass anxiety is due to fear of imminent impacts and psychological stress which is not surprising given the premature speculation and media hype.”… rest of article here.

The Color of Autumn
September 27, 2007

Each Autumn we are treated to a spectacular display of color by Mother Nature. As Autumn arrives, less sun and cooler temperatures allow the green leaves of Summer to change. Have you ever wondered what processes lead to the yearly occurrence?

In the Autumn, the decrease in the intensity and duration of sunlight, as well as cooler temperatures, causes the leaves to stop their food-making process (photosynthesis). The chlorophyll in the leaves breaks down, causing the green color to disappear, and the yellowish pigments, known as carotenoids, become visible. The Autumn foliage of some trees, including aspen, birch and ash, are mostly yellowish colors. Also, the reddish pigments, the anthocyanins, become more visible in the leaf veins and cells in some leaves, such as maples.

Leaves have just as much yellow pigment (xanthophyll) in July when they are green as they do in October when they are yellow. In July the darker green pigment (chlorophyll) masks the yellow color.

Autumn weather conditions favoring the most brilliant colors are warm, sunny days and cool (but not freezing) nights. During this kind of weather, the leaf produces quite a bit of sugar. However, the cooler weather results in the closing of the leaf veins, thus preventing the sugar to leave.

A few hard frosts can cause the leaves to wither and fall prematurely. The degree of color may also vary from variety to variety, and from tree to tree. Leaves directly exposed to the sun tend to turn red, while those on the shady side of the same tree may be yellow. When there is much warm, cloudy and/or rainy weather in the Fall, the leaves will have less red coloration.

Carotenoids are always present in leaves, allowing the yellow and gold colors to remain until the leaf falls. As Winter approaches, there will not be enough light or water for photosynthesis. The leaf veins will continue to close, eventually leading to the separation from its base. The tree will then become dormant and live off the food it stored internally during the summer.


Severe Weather Continues Out West
September 27, 2007

Severe weather that moved into parts of western Oklahoma earlier this evening continues to move to the southeast.

There is only one severe thunderstorm remaining, which is currently located in Kiowa County. It has shown signs of weakening, but will still be capable of producing some hail and strong winds. The storm will eventually move into Comanche County and southern Caddo County.

There are a few non-severe storms that are located behind this thunderstorm that will be capable of producing some heavy rainfall. All of these storms are expected to weaken throughout the late evening and overnight hours.

Stay with Eyewitness News 5 for the latest updates.

Meteorologist Intern

Strong Storm Approaching Western OK
September 26, 2007

A bit of an upper level wave combined with some jet stream energy moving across the southern Plains has acted on some afternoon heating and is now triggering scattered thunderstorms up and down the Texas panhandle. One of these storms just became severe and is approaching extreme western Oklahoma this evening. If the thunderstorm holds together, it should enter Roger Mills and Ellis Counties toward the 6 O Clock hour.

This storm is currently capable of producing penny size hail and 60mph winds.

This is an isolated storm so aside from that there isn’t a whole lot of action occurring elsewhere statewide.

Keep it tuned to Eyewitness News 5, we’re monitoring the storm and will keep you ahead of it!

Ilya Neyman
Weather Intern

Gore calls for ‘global Marshall plan’
September 26, 2007

Oh yeah, mandatory global warming legislature worldwide. This whole thing is way out of control. Scientists need to start being vocal and take back their science which has been handed over to politics. Ridiculous! Go back to my chart showing the history of the earth’s temperatures over 450,000 years. Warm, cold, warm, cold, warm…majority of it well before man ever came along. We have the uncanny ability to adjust and man will adjust to subtle changes in climate. If the earth warms another 1/2 a degree, then it warms, life goes on and we move on. Climate is only an average of time compared to day to day weather changes in meteorology. Since when is everyone in Hollywood and on capitol hill experts in weather science? Blah. -AT

Al Gore, the former US vice-president, on Wednesday called for a “Marshall plan” to make job creation and measures to address climate change compatible and urged President George W. Bush to commit to mandatory cuts in carbon dioxide emissions.

“This is an emergency,” Mr Gore told the opening session of the Clinton Global Initiative. “I think that the key to fighting global poverty is to have the wealthy nations and the developing nations join together to reduce global warming … I think what we need is a global Marshall plan to make the creation of jobs around the reduction of carbon the central principle for how we develop this.”

Mr Gore said Mr Bush should follow the example of former US president Ronald Reagan, who after an initial delay responded to the 1985 discovery of a hole in the ozone layer by supporting a marked reduction in chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs.

“We have to have a binding reduction on carbon,’’ he said….rest of article