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Mild, Then Wet
February 29, 2008

Man it’s nice out there today! I just had to run some lunch up to my daughter’s school and it’s a beautiful day. And it’s Friday!!

We’ll stay nice this afternoon with highs in the 60s and fairly light northerly winds.

Tomorrow will be even warmer with highs in the low 70s. Unfortunately it will turn out windy with a very high fire danger. Southerly winds will gust over 30 mph.

Sunday brings a cold front into the state with showers and thunderstorms likely. The storms will develop across western Oklahoma during the afternoon and move east Sunday night into Monday morning. Some storms may end up severe, and it would not surprise me to see widespread 1-2 inch rain totals.

There could be enough cold air on the back side of the storm to change some of the rain over to snow Monday morning. The system will move east quickly so Monday afternoon will be dry and cold with highs in the 40s.



A Few Outdoor Days…Then Rain
February 28, 2008

Our weather the next few days will be pretty nice for being outside. Sure, the wind will blow today and Saturday, but high temperatures will be in the 60s and we’ll have a fair amount of sunshine so it will still be pretty nice.

TODAY: The fire danger will be very high, especially across western Oklahoma. Highs will be in the 60s and 70s with southwest winds of 15 to 25 mph. A weak cold front will slip into northwest Oklahoma with winds shifting to the northhwest. No rain is expected with the front.

TOMORROW: The front moves through the rest of Oklahoma with little fanfare. Temperatures will be a few degrees cooler, but since the wind will be lighter, tomorrow will still be quite nice.

SATURDAY: The winds will once again be strong. Highs will be in the 60s and 70s. Of course, the fire danger will be very high to extreme.

SUNDAY: The next cold front will move into central Oklahoma by late afternoon. This one will have more moisture to work with so rain chances will be quite high, especially late Sunday into Sunday night. The highest chances for rain will be central and eastern Oklahoma, with much lower chances in the west. If you have outdoor plans for Sunday, the driest time will be in the morning with increasing rain and thunderstorm chances in the afternoon. Temperatures will climb into the 60s ahead of the front in central and eastern Oklahoma, but it will be cooler behind the front in the northwest.

MONDAY: The front moves out of the state taking the rain with it. It may be cold enough for the rain to mix with or change over to some wet snow in the north early Monday morning before the precip ends. It will be a windy and colder day with highs in the 40s.

HOW MUCH RAIN: The heaviest rain will be in eastern Oklahoma where 1-2 inches may fall. Central Oklahoma will see a half inch to an inch. The west will have a quarter inch or less.

Hardcore Weather is on the web, and don’t forget to check out Eyewitness News 5 at 5, 6, and 10 pm for any updates.


Three Nice Days
February 27, 2008

Today has been pretty nice out there. The good news is that it will continue for another three days.

High temperatures through Saturday will be in the 60s. The winds are going to increase tomorrow….then less wind for Friday….then more wind for Saturday. Of course the fire danger will remain quite high.

The next chance of rain will come with a strong storm system on Sunday. A cold front will move into the state Sunday with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. The highest chances will be east of I-35.

I’ve got the front moving into the OKC metro area late afternoon with a chance of thunderstorms. Rain will be possible Sunday night into Monday morning as temperatures fall. The highest chance of heavy rain will be in eastern Oklahoma Sunday night into Monday morning.

Monday will be cold with highs in the 40s and a gusty north wind. Temps will rebound for Tuesday and Wednesday.


The Wind Continues
February 26, 2008

That cold north wind just won’t stop for us this afternoon. Winds have been consistent in the 15-35mph range, with even higher gusts. Here are some of the wind gusts around the metro this morning:
KOCO – 46mph
Quail Springs Mall – 41mph
OCCC- 42mph
Norman Transcript – 36mph

Of course this has led to quite a cold first part of the day. Wind chills were in the teens until mid-morning and are still in the 20s.

The bright sunshine will help us climb to the upper 40s for highs, but it won’t even feel that warm. I expect the winds to continue to be around 15-25mph even in the late afternoon.


Former Tulsa Meteorologist Passes Away
February 26, 2008

There are very few television meteorologists who weren’t influenced by one or more television meteorologists/weathercasters that they watched when they were growing up. It’s like baseball and football players–everyone can name at least one person who inspired them to do what they do. I am one of those who can rattle off the weather people that I watched from the age of 4. They helped plant the seed. Through my almost two decades of television meteorology, I have been pretty blessed to have had the opportunity to shake the hand of many of those that brought the weather into my home, who inspired and in some cases gave me professional guidance through the years.

One of those passed away yesterday. If you lived in northeastern Oklahoma in the 80s and early 90s, you probably remember watching Gary Shore. Gary passed away suddenly yesterday at an all too young age of 55.

Gary got his undergrad degree at New York University and his master’s at Penn State. He worked in Wichita, Tulsa, Huntsville, Washington D.C., and most recently Sioux City, Iowa.

I watched Gary as a teenager when I was living in far southwestern Missouri. Some of this story will sound dorky, but we’re talking the 1980s when we had Walkmans, not IPODs. Home satellite dishes were the size of a hot tub. Stereo TV was the big push. For around the clock weather information, you didn’t have the “click of a computer mouse”, you had the phone number for time and temperature.

My bedroom was on the second story of our house, and I had this old black and white tv. It was just some cheap little ol’ black and white tv, but man, did it get good reception. Not only did I get the local television stations, but when the atmosphere was just right, I got stations from all around the area. I loved the weather, and I watched all of the weather reports that little black and white tv could bring me. But, when I wanted the forecast–when I knew something was “brewing”, I turned to Gary Shore. It wasn’t easy. I was over a hundred miles away from Tulsa. I would have to sometimes stand there and hold and twist the antenna while watching the weather on this little tv screen. I remember getting frustrated because the signal would fuzz out in the middle of the forecast. As a viewer, it was easy to tell that he knew his stuff. You knew he loved what he was doing. He didn’t hype. And his forecasts were darn accurate.

I had the opportunity to drive to Tulsa and shadow him for a day. I watched him put together his forecast. Again–these were the ’80s…pre-internet. It was a flurry of maps on paper…one after another. Today, most of that is done on a computer screen–it’s easier and more efficient, but almost too sterile sometimes. The end result of his afternoon was a forecast calling for heat and possible severe weather the next day. He was really set that this was the scenario that would play out–going with higher rain chances than one might normally forecast under those circumstances. And he was spot on. That “gut instinct” made an impression on me.

When I got to O.U., one of my good, close friends was from Tulsa. He too was a Gary Shore fan. At that time, you could hear Gary’s forecasts on the AM radio station out of Tulsa. So, when we knew there was a storm coming, we would stop eating our pizza, run out to the car and listen to his forecast inbetween the garbles of static. Even listening to the AM radio in Norman, I could still sense his passion and his “grasp” of the ever changing Oklahoma weather.

Gary Shore was one of those who took the job of television meteorologist to the next level. His work influenced many of us. It is saddening to hear of his passing. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.


A Week of Ups and Downs
February 25, 2008

If you were outside this afternoon, you probably noticed the winds!
Most of the day it was breezy with winds out of the southwest, but late this afternoon the winds switched to the north in a hurry as a cold front swept across the state.

It would have been easy to miss this cold front since there was no rain and only a few clouds. The gusty winds, reaching over 50mph, were the main indication of the frontal passage. Temperatures did cool down quickly though- three hours after our high of 71, we dropped 20 degrees! The winds this evening will still be strong, but not as gusty as this afternoon.

The gusty winds and warm, dry conditions were ideal for wildfires today. One fire in Woodward County was 24 miles long and 2 miles wide! For the better part of the afternoon we were tracking the smoke plume from the fire on the Advantage Doppler HD with Andy.

The tempature ups and downs will continue for the next seven days: chilly Tuesday, mild Wednesday and Thursday, cooler again on Friday, warm for the weekend, and then we could be getting much colder again for the beginning of next week.

Stay tuned to the KOCO weather team for the latest on the temperature swings.

– Kara Bolognini and Alek Krautmann
Weather Interns

Warm and Windy
February 25, 2008

Easily the way to best describe the day so far. Winds have really picked up this morning, in the 15-30mph range wih higher gusts. There’s now a Wind Advisory in effect for almost all of our viewing area until 6pm today.

Temperatures will continue to climb thorugh mid-afternoon in the metro until the cold front arrives. And like most cold fronts this time of year, coming through this time of day, you’ll notice the difference almost immediately. Winds will quickly shift north and that cold air will blast in behind it. It wouldn’t surprise me if we drop 10 degrees in a matter of minutes.

I would catergorized this weather week as rather tranquil, with just a few bumps along the way. Boy, it would be nice to see some quiet weather as we all know what could possibly loom ahead in March. We’ll see if Mother Nature gives us a break.


I Need Some Sun!
February 24, 2008

Sunshine would be nice right now. We’ve started the day with fog and low clouds. The fog is gone, now we need the clouds to get out. I suspect that we’ll see more in the way of sunshine as we go through the afternoon.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been battling a cold for the past week. Stuffy head, weak voice, and plenty of nose blowing. I see that Steve Carano was suffering the same fate yesterday as he tried to do the weather. My daughter is in her second week of what has turned into a double ear infection and sinus infection. I think a healthy dose of sunshine would do us all a world of good.

The good news is that the upcoming week looks like a tame one weather-wise. We’ll be warm on Monday, but cool back on Tuesday. The next chance of rain could come in at the end of the work week.

I’m off to see my son play basketball today. If his team wins, he get to sleep in the house tonight. If they lose, it’s the garage 🙂


Foggy Start
February 24, 2008

As of 7am, the fog is getting better. It was pretty thick earlier today. It was so thick on the Broadway Extention earlier that I missed the Britton Road exit on the way to work (and I I wasn’t the only one.) We did have a Dense Fog Advisory earlier, but it has been cancelled. Expect the fog to diminish as we go through the morning hours.

High pressure will scoot across the state today. Remember that winds go clockwise around an area of high pressure, and that the closer you are to the center of the high, the lighter the winds are. So, we will have light north winds this morning, and light south winds this afternoon. Temperatures will warm into the 50s and 60s this afternoon.

As the next front approaches, the winds will start to increase. They will be strong southerly late tonight and tomorrow morning. Those strong south winds will warm us up. We will level out in the 40s tonight, and warm into the 60s and 70s tomorrow. A cold front will move through tomorrow, turning those winds out of the north (yes, strong north winds) and our highs will drop to the 40s for Tuesday. There’s a slight chance for rain in southeastern Oklahoma, but for the most part it will be dry.

One note–the fire danger will be high in western Oklahoma Monday afternoon…


The Winner Is…
February 23, 2008

The cold air. We’re lowering our high temperature forecast for today. I’m basically going with the low end of what I mentioned earlier–30s north, 40s central and 50s south.

The warm air is down there. Central Texas is in the 60s, southwest Texas has 70s (and that’s at 11am!). A warm front (leading edge of warmer air) is located from an area of low pressure that’s over the central Oklahoma panhandle and extends south/southeast toward westcentral Texas. This low will slide southeast. The forecast track of the low is now a bit further to the south from what the computer models showed last night. I’m talking about a difference of perhaps 50 miles–but 50 miles is all it takes. So, that will keep the true warm front to the south, out of Oklahoma. In fact, on the north side of the warm front, our cloud cover and very light precipitation is only acting to solidify the cold air. In other words, it will now take a little more work to scour this cold air out, and that work won’t happen today.

Just to give you the strength of the cold air and the moderating effect of the warm air…current temperatures in the western and central panhandle are near 60. In the eastern panhandle, it’s in the upper 30s.