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Searching For…..
February 28, 2009

I was too optimistic today, thinking we could hit 40 in OKC. Of course, regardless of the actual temperature, you knew it wasn’t even going to feel that warm thanks to those strong north winds. I had to fill up the car on the way to work, and that was the coldest I had felt in quite sometime. It reminded me of the year I worked in Albany, NY….and part of the reason I don’t work there now! We hit 36 for a high, but the wind chill was in the teens most of the day.

It will be even colder tonight as lows should drop well into the teens in most areas. I won’t be surprised if we have a few single digit lows in the north. Thankfully, the winds won’t be nearly strong tonight. A surface ridge is building in from the west and that should keep winds below 10mph in most places. Still, make sure you bundle up for Sunday. There is some much warmer weather on the way, you can check that out on the 7-day forecast.

If you google “sleet vs snow vs freezing rain”, the first link you’ll see is to a blog I did back in December on the topic. I know it’s generated some site traffic, probably from people far from Oklahoma just wanting a bit more info on the topic. It got me wondering what other search terms people are using to find our blog. Here’s the list from yesterday,….

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Who’s Rena Corban and why does someone want to know about Brandon Beyer’s fiancee? I got a good laugh out of some of these. Have a great Sunday,



Get Ready For The Wind!
February 27, 2009

A cold front will dive through the state overnight and bring with it some real cold conditions. The biggest problem will be the wind, as strong north winds are expected for several hours behind the frontal passage. There’s a wind advisory in effect from 8pm tonight until 6am on Saturday morning for the western third of the state. Winds are expected to be sustained around 30mph with gusts over 40mph. Of course, these being north winds, they’ll be real cold. The wind chill in the northwest, northcentral, and westcentral part of the state could easily be in the teens overnight. In the metro, we’re calling for the wind chill to be in the lower 20s, perhaps upper teens at times.



The coldest morning will actually be on Sunday as lows will dip well into the teens north, and low 20s everywhere else. Thankfully, the winds will not be nearly as strong.


Cold with Bright Stars!!
February 27, 2009

It is going to be a very chilly evening.  We are looking at lows in the 20s with wind chills in the teens once again tonight and into early Saturday morning.  Highs on Saturday will be hard pressed to get out of the 40s in most areas!  We may see a little snow in Northeastern Oklahoma but I think most of Central Oklahoma stays dry. 




One thing you may want to peak at is the western sky.  Venus will be extra bright tonight right next to the moon!!



We Now Return You To February
February 26, 2009

After parts of southern Oklahoma made it into the 90s earlier today, a cold front has moved though most of the state.  Thunderstorms have erupted along the front in eastern Oklahoma, with a few severe thunderstorm warnings in effect as I type this.  The main area for storms will be east-central and southeast Oklahoma this evening, while the rest of the state stays dry.  Temperatures will drop throughout the night, and tomorrow will be noticably colder with highs in the 50s.  Saturday will be even colder with highs in the 40s and a strong north wind gusting to 30 mph.  Wind chills will easily be in the 30s, perhaps even the 20s during the day.

Saturday will be a winter coat day for sure, but others may have it worse.  A fast moving upper low will be diving southeast out of Nebraska producing a band of moderate snow.  The path of the snow will be mainly north and east of Oklahoma, but it’s not out of the question for parts of northeast Oklahoma to see some light snow early Saturday.  Even if that happens, most of Saturday will be dry.  Some locations that could see snow that usually don’t get much snow are Memphis, Birmingham, and maybe even Atlanta.  It’s possible that by Sunday night, people in northern Florida could see a few snowflakes!


Sunday morning will be quite cold with temperatures in the teens and 20s, but those temps will climb back into the 50s during the afternoon.  That will be the beginning of a warming trend that will last through much of next week.  In fact most of next week will feature highs in the 70s.

By the way, have you tried out our new Future Cast?  Go to our main weather page and click on Interactive Radar.  Then on the right side of the screen, click on Future Cast.  Future Cast produces a forecast of clouds and rain for the next 48 hours.  So not only can you see where clouds and rain will be right now, you can also see where they will move over the next 48 hours.  And it’s not just Oklahoma, it’s anywhere in the United States.  This computer model is updates every six hours.  There are also options to show rain, snow and ice totals.  Give it a try and let us know what you think.


How About Some 90s?
February 26, 2009

Temperatures in southcentral Oklahoma have reached 90 degrees this afternoon.  Burneyville and Tishomingo hit 90, and Madill hit 91.  OKC hit 79.

You can see the dryline and cold front on the map. 


So, you can see ahead of the dryline in eastern Oklahoma, temperatures are in the 70s to low 80s.  Then the temperatures spike behind the dryline, which is where you see the mid to upper 80s.  Finally, the cold front moves dropping the temperature back into the 60s and 70s. 

Any rain chances with all this will be limited to southeastern Oklahoma.  The rest of the state will be dry.  The colder air will stick around through the weekend.  By next Wednesday, we could be near or above 80 degrees again.


Temps Dropping Tonight…
February 26, 2009

Today will be warm and very windy….but don’t expect it to last!  It looks like as we head into the evening the temps will be dropping quite a bit.  Highs will be in the upper 70s today…but overnight lows will be dropping into the 30s. 





Fire danger remains high today, especially in SW Oklahoma. 



Another Oklahoma Quake
February 25, 2009

Just got this info from the USGS, and it confirms speculation among a few of you who have e-mailed us: There was in fact an earthquake in Pittsburg County on Tuesday night (Feb. 24).

Click here for all the details.

The Slow Road To 70
February 25, 2009

Low clouds are taking much of the day to burn off.  This has slowed our warming today–significantly. 

First, the visible satellite:


And now the temperatures…


Temperatures of course are courtesy the Oklahoma Mesonet.  All it takes is a short drive down US 81 to experience it all.  Chickasha is near 60.  Waurika is near 80.


Hitting The Skip Button
February 24, 2009

I’ve been sitting here looking at the February numbers.  It seems like we hit the “skip” button and went right into March.  We’ve certainly had the March wind.  We had the tornadoes a couple of weeks ago.  And it’s been mild.  Our coldest high temperature so far this month (at Will Rogers) was 43 on the 14th.  Our warmest high temperature so far 78 on the 17th (just three days later!).  We could hit 80 this Thursday. 

It gets more interesting than that.  Our average high temperature has been 60.7 degrees.  Our average low temperature this month has been 34.7 degrees.   “Normals” are 53.5 and 31.1. 

We will have a cold front move through late Thursday.  It will bring much cooler temperatures for the weekend.  Those cooler temperatures won’t last for long.  The beginning of March looks mild once again.  It’s true that “it’s not over until it’s over”, but winter’s running out of time. 


Nice Afternoon Ahead
February 24, 2009

Skies quickly cleared out this morning, and it looks like we are in for a good amount of sunshine the rest of the day. This will be yet another afternoon here in “winter” where it will feel more like Spring.

I have the high in the metro today at 67, but I’m sure some backyard thermometers will hit 70. It will be even warmer in the southwest part of the state where Altus should come in somewhere around 77 today.

Here’s the kicker…it will be even warmer tomorrow! We should just build on the warmth today and with afternoon highs on Wednesday 3 to 5 degrees warmer.

Still holding on to a slim chance for some showers on Thursday from the metro through the Eastern part of the state. Though, you may have to travel to Arkansas to get any rain in the bucket.