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Rapid-Fire Storms
March 31, 2009

It’s becoming a blur.  We had the severe weather early last week.  We had the Friday/Saturday storm. We had the storm move through last night.  We are tracking two more.  This is the next one:

graphic116It’s over the northwest now, but will be directly over our state on Thursday.  It’s going to move fast.  It won’t have a lot of time to get moisture from the Gulf.  But, the moisture yesterday wasn’t that impressive either and we ended up with a large area of storms.  Having said that…

graphic211The storms will be elevated.  The main threat will be hail and wind.  The day looks dry, but after sunset, the chance for storms will go up.  And, in the northwest…

graphic35Temperatures will be near or below freezing tomorrow night in the northwest and Panhandle.  There will be a chance for snow or rain mixed with snow.  It shouldn’t be a big deal (certainly not after what we saw up there last weekend!).

There is another storm for Saturday.  Again–moisture will be in question, but there could be some storms in central and eastern Oklahoma.  Earlier this week, it looked like Saturday would bring quite a bit of severe weather to the state.  It looks a little less likely, but remember–it’s April.



Cool Today…Rain By Thursday…
March 31, 2009

This morning was about 20-25 degrees cooler than yesterday across the state…needed the jacket!!  This afternoon will be quite nice…we should rebound into the 60s. 


Tonight will still be a little on the cool side with lows in the upper 30s to mid 40s across the state. 


Wednesday will be sunny and dry…and mostly likely the best day of the week…but clouds will increase late in the day and rain chances will increase late Wednesday night and into Thursday.  Rain a good bet Thursday as an area of low pressure moves across the state. 


So kind of a rollacoaster ride over the next few days.  We do need the rain though…so its not all bad.  As far as the weekend…looks like a chance for storms on Saturday.  More on that in days to come. 



A Chilly Start!!
March 31, 2009

Much cooler than yesterday morning…the kids will probably need the jackets!  Wind chills are in the 20s in some areas!!



Storms Pushing East
March 30, 2009

9:30 Monday–Storms are now from Bartlesville to Tulsa to Shawnee to Pauls Valley to east of Duncan.  Movement is east-southeast at 30 mph.  Severe Thunderstorm Warnings continue along the line.  All evening long we’ve been receiving reports of hail from pea size up to half dollar size.  We’ve had a few strong wind reports.  These storms will continue to push through eastern Oklahoma as we go through the night.

We received .42″ here at Eyewitness News 5.  Southwest side of the metro only got around .10″. 


Looking Out the Front Yard
March 30, 2009

Rick Mitchell and I just walked out front and took this with my IPhone. 


Those are storms developing along and behind the front.  Advantage Doppler HD shows storms continuing to intensify west and northwest of OKC.  We will see storms sweep across the metro during the next 1-2 hours (current time:  6:55pm).  Hail and frequent lightning will be possible. 


Windy in the West
March 30, 2009

A Wind Advisory is in effect this evening for western Oklahoma.


We’ve seen some pretty strong winds in western Oklahoma over the past few hours.  Hollis and Cheyenne reported wind gusts over 50 mph during the past few minutes.  Is it me, or has it been windy ever since last Thursday?!


5pm Monday
March 30, 2009

The cold front is showing up on Advantage Doppler HD:


That’s the front fron Enid to Watonga to Cordell. We’re tracking developing storms near Enid and west of Hennessey. These storms are along and just behind the front.

The dewpoints ahead of this are in the low-mid 50s…marginal at best. But, this is a pretty healthy storm system, so I can’t rule out some hail and wind. A Severe Thunderstorm Watch was just issued. It will cover central and eastern Oklahoma until midnight.


The Melt Continues…
March 30, 2009

A cold front is moving through northwest Oklahoma this afternoon.  There’s a wide range in temperatures.  Part of it is the front.  A bigger part of it is the snowcover…

graphic114The white isn’t cloud cover, it’s actually snow cover.  Note the 41 at Buffalo.  That’s behind the front, but also at the core of where the heavy snow hit.  Some of those 60s are behind the front–with no snowcover.  The 70s aren’t that far away.  It could even be argued that northwest winds blowing over that snow cover will give the front an extra bite to it.  We look for that with arctic fronts in winter.  When we have a lot of snowcover over the northern and central Plains, the wind blowing over the snow cover behind the front reinforces the cold air, so that when it moves into the lower latitudes, it still has a punch.


Severe Weather Outlook–UPDATED
March 30, 2009

The main threats are still large hail and damaging winds.  The main chance is that these storms may extend a bit farther south later tonight. The best chance to see Severe will be after 6 and before Midnight.



A Warm Afternoon…Some Storms Tonight…
March 30, 2009

Looks like a nice day of melting ahead of us!  Highs will be nice and warm across the state…above average in most areas.   Here is a look at what to expect…


Rain chances will be increasing later tonight and into the overnight hours.  There is a threat for severe storms in northeastern Oklahoma.  Small hail and strong winds will be the main threats for the metro but northeastern oklahoma may see some larger hail and stronger winds. 





That comes to us with a front that will cool us off overnight and into the morning hours.  Tuesday we will start off in the 30s and highs will be in the 60s…so its not going to be crazy cold…but it will feel cooler.