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No Hardcore Weather Today (It’s my day off)
July 31, 2009

It’s a beautiful Friday out there. I’ve spent part of my day working in my yard (and actually enjoying it!). Still looks like a cold front will move across the state tomorrow with showers and thunderstorms a good bet. Check out Rusty’s forecast tonight at 5,6,&10.



Changes On The Way…
July 31, 2009

Looks good for Today, but rain chances are back in the forecast as early as tonight.  Severe storms are possible mainly in Western Oklahoma overnight.  Rain chances will increase for the Metro into the early morning hours of Saturday, and last through the early afternoon. 



Here is the current pattern in the upper levels.  There is a dip in the jet stream right over the midsection of the counry and that has kept us cool and unsettled. 


As the pattern changes to a more seasonable one with an area of high pressure over us in the upper levels, we should expect hot and my drier conditions.  This will be the case next week with triple digit temperatures expected by Tuesday!



Hardcore Weather For Thursday, 7/30/09
July 30, 2009

Nice rain overnight and this morning.  Looks like another shot at storms by Saturday, then get ready for the heat to return next week.  I hope you enjoy today’s Hardcore Weather video!

By the way….that’s three days in a row for HW.  I’m on a streak!


Some Like The Rain…
July 30, 2009

I was complaining about the rain within ear distance of a farmer yesterday and I almost got pummeled!  Yeah that’s right…I said pummeled!  His exact words were… “Hush your mouth lady, you never turn down rain in July”  Ok..Ok…got a point there.  It sure is hard to sleep with constant thunder though!  Anyway…here is a look at the rain totals for the past 24 hours…and then the past 5 days.  Impressive with almost 5 inches in the metro this week!  Parts of northern Oklahoma are getting the raw end of the deal though! 





Hardcore Weather For Wednesday
July 29, 2009

Looks like more storms between now and tomorrow morning.  Here’s the video:


Showers and Storms Continue
July 29, 2009

Hopefully the storms did not wake you up last night.  It’s been an active evening with heavy rain and a whole lot of lightning. The main threats with these storms will be just that, heavy rain, lightning and possibly some small hail along with gusty winds.   Thanks to Dax Davis for the following lightning pictures!!







Hardcore Weather For Tuesday, 7/28/09
July 28, 2009

That’s right…Hardcore Weather!!  Enjoy the video.


Rain Totals So Far Today…
July 27, 2009

More than two inches of rain in parts of western Oklahoma today!  The metro picked up a little over 1/2 inch today. 



A Rainy Monday…
July 27, 2009

Looks like an unsettled start to the work week.  We have an upper level disturbance that will keep rain chances in the forecast through noon today.   We have another healthy chance for rain tomorrow as well.  We started off with heavy rain this morning but this complex is showing a weakening trend, so I expect mostly light to moderate rainfall for the rest of the day across Central and Western Oklahoma with a few areas of embedded heavy rain.





More Cold Fronts
July 26, 2009

Thanks to some sun in the late afternoon, we were able to tick up to 88 for a high today in OKC. Most of the day, we were stuck in the mid 80s with thick cloud cover. When the sun did peek out, it was like a sauna outside. The rain was welcomed this morning with many locations around the metro getting one to two tenths.

I think we’ve detailed pretty extensively the unusual weather pattern we are going to see over the next week. It means cooler and rainy weather for the most part. After looking at the long range models tonight, I think we stay in Northwest flow aloft through at least Saturday, if not for a couple more days after that. It means more “cool” fronts moving into the area. I think at least two, but probably three more.


For those of you enjoying the cooler weather, looks like these fronts will help the cause. Keep those umbrellas handy this week.