Tuesday Timeline

Here is the timeline for Tuesday.  If you are heading out in the morning, you will still have to deal with the slick roads we have been dealing with for the past 5 days.  We are not expecting the additional snow to push in, until late Tuesday afternoon.  Having said that, with all the melting that has occurred, ice is going to be a huge problem.  Please use extra caution, driving on ice is even harder than driving on snow.

I broke down the timeline for the state in 6 hour increments.

Here is NOON to 6PM


Wednesday MIDNIGHT to 6AM

I have also broken down the Timeline for the Metro Area.

A quick look at Thursday shows you that we just have a slight chance for a few flurries.

Please be safe!



7 Responses

  1. I absolutely love this online blog. You are the only site that has such a weather blog, and I refer to it ongoing throughout the day. Thanks!!!!

  2. I agree with Jennifer. Thanks for the time line, helps to know what’s expected and when.

  3. the state is in a winter weather adivsory every hold on its gonna get ugly

  4. Looks like the storm is pulling in more tropical moisture. I hope that will boost the snowfall.

  5. Well if there is some tropical moisture coming north the GFS sure isn’t catchin on. I looked at the latest run and it showed about 2 inches and the GFS is usually has the higher totals of a lot of the models. I have not seen the any other models right now though, gotta check that out.

  6. Jesse what site do you use, to look at the models and moisture quality of the storm and what it is doing thanks….Cody!

  7. I would also like to know what model you use to check how much precip is expected what gfs model predicts the amount of precip supposed to fall?

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