Tonight & New Years Forecast

Another slick night ahead.  With temps below freezing, we can’t let our guards down yet.  Most areas will be in the mid 20s by morning.  There may even be a little drizzle early in the morning in Southwest Oklahoma.  Also, with a few areas of Fog in North Central Oklahoma, that is enough to make the roads slick as well.  Not to mention just the roads being wet in general.  REALLY be careful tonight.

New Years Eve looks dry…but pretty CHILLY!!  Here is a look at what the temps will be at Midnight!!

And a look at the highs and lows for New Years Eve Day, New Years Eve…and New Years day.  If your confused by the 26 above and the 20 below…the 26 will be the temperature right at Midnight…but the temperature will keep dropping overnight and into early Friday.  Overnight lows typically hit early in the morning, so the 20 refers to the temperature that we will have to endure early Friday morning…or late late Thursday night, depending on how much of a party animal you are;-)

Be safe out there!!



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