Hoosier Alley..Carolina Alley..Huh?

Ever heard of Hoosier Alley? How about Carolina Alley? If you said “no”, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here in Oklahoma, we are all used to hearing the word ‘TORNADO ALLEY”, but recent research is now suggesting that tornado alley is really broken into pieces and is not located just here in The Central Plains.

If you looked at this map and found it somewhat surprising, then check out where the tornado reports have been this year.

Most of the tornado reports this year have not occurred in Tornado Alley, but rather, Dixie Alley and even Carolina Alley. So, perhaps the research is right, there is more than just one tornado alley. But, there is a difference between the tornadoes that you’ll find in Tornado Alley and the ones in Dixie Alley, Carolina Alley and even Hoosier Alley. The storms here in The Central Plains are likely to be slow-moving Supercell Thunderstorms that can be seen from afar. Whereas the tornadoes that occur in Dixie, Carolina and Hoosier Alley are likely to be fast moving storms that are wrapped in rain and thus, very difficult to see. So, where is the worst place to live when it comes to tornadoes? According to data from the last 60 years… it’s Dixie Alley.

This map may be somewhat deceiving, even though Dixie Alley may see the most tornado fatalities (more populated areas means greater likelihood of being hit by a tornado), the strongest tornadoes in the world and the likelyhood of having the highest frequency of tornadoes will probably always be located right here in Tornado Alley.



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