Severe Risk Areas

We have two more days of severe storm potential.  Today and Wednesday we are under a slight risk across a good portion of the state.  Yesterday was a “high risk” severe weather day.  We are not expecting a repeat of that but today and Wednesday are two days that you should be weather aware.



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  1. So if the dry line come through already then how is there a risk of severe weather? Is there another low pressure system that is drawing in gulf moisture?

  2. The moisture wasn’t pushed very far south by the dryline. As a result, it will move back north as a warm front later this afternoon and tonight. Another dryline is reforming in the TX/OK panhandle again, and will move toward the TX/OK border and possibly into far SW OK. The process to cause thunderstorms is pretty weak, but, if anything can form, there will be plenty of fuel for the storms to work with – if they can break the cap. If they form, they will move to the northeast, and depending on the prevailing winds, may move fairly slowly unlike yesterday (5/10/10).
    The most likely scenario as of now is that the storms will become more widespread overnight with the low level jet as it interacts with the warm front causing large hail and heavy rain north of the warm front.

  3. “Sever” [sic]
    You prob. mean “Severe”

    • Yes!! Thanks!! oops.

  4. I live in Tecumseh where we had major damages and deaths in last evenings storm. I’ve watched the TV reports of a lot of the damage, but nothing about Tecumseh. Please show some of the damage here. Thank you,

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