Wednesday Severe Storms

Get ready for another active week of severe storms. It all kicked off on Sunday with the hail, there is a chance of a few strong storms making it into Western Oklahoma for early tomorrow morning and then we have Wednesday. The set-up would be one that would likely kick off a few severe storms.

An approaching storm system from the west as well as Southwestern Oklahoma being placed under the warm-sector may spell trouble. As the warm front moves north during the day, we will likely see the severe threat move north as well with the storm motion being from the southwest to the northeast. As of right now, this is what we are expecting.

There are a few things that I see going against us. Some of the weather models are showing some early storms in the west and quite a deck of clouds. This could limit the instability. Also, where does the warm front move and how far north does it really get? Lots of questions.. few answers.. So, for now, we’ll mention that we “could” see a chance of severe weather. But, with this being Monday, and the way the weather models have handled the past few days weather (which has been quite poor), we’ll leave it at just a slight chance for storms now and adjust accordingly as time gets closer. But, just in case, go ahead and start preparing for the threat for storms come Wednesday. Talk to your kids and make sure they know what county they live in. The reason? Warnings are issued by counties on TV out here (non-polygonial) and thus, if they hear us say their county name, then they’ll know where to go.



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  1. Thank you for updating us with the current thinking.

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