UPDATE: Wednesday Afternoon Severe

We continue to monitor the threat for a significant severe weather event across Oklahoma this Wednesday afternoon. If you have been watching the threat level lately,you’ll recall that we have have watched it go from a SLIGHT RISK, to a MODERATE RISK to now, perhaps, an enhanced MODERATE RISK, teetering with a HIGH RISK. As of this writing, this is where the risk of severe storms will be.

So, what makes this event different compared to last week (May 10th)? Well, the most noticeable change will be the storm speed. May 10th had storms moving between 50-70 mph. That made these storms difficult to track. Also, the instability is somewhat weaker, but still rather potent. So, while the risk of severe weather and tornadoes will remain quite high, the likelihood that we will witness the magnitude of storms like we saw on May 10th will be somewhat less. Storm initiation could start as early as 3pm. Keep checking back here for updates as this is an ever changing weather pattern..



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