Is it July.. or May?

The last 2 weeks certainly felt and looked a lot like May in Oklahoma. From deadly tornadoes to ginormous hail stones, we just about witnessed it all. So, what can we expect for next week??

It appears that thanks to a large high pressure dome across most of The Central Plains, we should see the storms remain well out towards the west. With the weather model data we have available right now, it’s likely to keep storms developing across The Texas Panhandle, Western Oklahoma and points to the north, with the storm motion being from the south to the north. Thus, I don’t see any good chance of storms across Central Oklahoma for all of next week. However, this may need to be watched closely. Because, the slightest bit of weakening in the high, and a little more of a jog to the east from our low, then we could be seeing some storms.

Part of me believes that we could see some scattered thunderstorms develop this week thanks to the moisture in the atmosphere and the fact that it’ll be quiet warm. Mainly heat generated thunderstorms. But. I’ll need to see just a few more weather models runs before I fully jump on board. Either or, for now, we’ll keep the forecast mainly dry and severe weather free. But as you know, here in Oklahoma, that can change in a flash!



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