Oklahoma’s Hurricane Season…

Oklahoma has a hurricane season? Huh? Really? Yes… really! I know it may be hard to believe, but there is a time of the year when Oklahoma is most vulnerable to remnants of storms that move across The Gulf of Mexico. So, when are we most likely to see storms move across Oklahoma? The graph below shows you..

In the last 47 years, Oklahoma has been impacted with remnants of storms 16 times. All of them coming during the peak of Hurricane season which is August, September and early October. June and July, where storms are most likely to form in The Gulf typically do not bring much to Oklahoma. Recent history has never brought a storm into Oklahoma during that time. But, recent history has brought a few in during the late summer. The last being Erin which to this day is still a meteorological phenomenon. I still am amazed by that storm… it actually intensified over land!



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