Comparing ‘Cane Forecasts

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there when it comes to hurricane forecasting. Why?Because there are so many forecasts that are made. From NOAA’s, to CSU’s to Accuweather and then you have WSI’s. You may be scratching your head wondering what this “WSI” thing is. WSI, which stands for Weather Services International, is the name of one of our in-house computer graphics company. They provide forecasts from TV-media to banks to US airlines. But, they too made a hurricane forecast. So, here is it, and how it compares to other companies.

The one thing to take from all these predicitions is that each company is expecting there to be more storms out there than normal. So, don’t pay attention to the exact numbers, these are bound to change. Just know that there is a decent chance of seeing more storms than normal. That’s all you need to know! WSI’s forecast basically resembles that of Colorado State’s. But, what WSI does is trying to forecast landfalling hurricanes. WSI predicts that the coastal region of North Carolina, mainly, The Outer Banks to Maine, is twice as likely to experience a hurricane this year. Usually, this part of America has the lowest likelihood of seeing a landfalling hurricane if you were to compare it with states along The Gulf of Mexico as well as Florida and Georgia. So, to break it all down, The Mid Atlantic and Northeast has just as good a chance of seeing a hurricane as those along The Gulf. As for Colorado State’s forecast, their forecast calls for a 76% chance of a Category 3 storm making landfall in the USA.( Average is usually 52%). There is a 51% chance a hurricane makes landfall somewhere along the East Coast. The average is usually 31%. And, there is a 50% chance a hurricane makes landfall somewhere between Brownsville,Texas and the Florida Panhandle. The average is usually 30%. Wow, get ready for lots of news coverage with reporters standing in a storm… trying to hold on for dear life..



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