The Heat Returns!

Well, had it not been for the storms this morning, you would have heard me talk about he return of the heat. But, thanks to mother nature, and how unpredictable she can be sometimes, that heat story was thrown out the window. So, I’ll post what I had “planned” on saying this morning in this blog… it goes.

We all have been talking about just how warm it’s been lately. Highs in the 90s certainly happen in June, but how normal is it? Well, to put in into perspective..this same time last is where we were..

Last year we were in the mid 80s, typical for this time of year, but 2 years ago, we were basically right where we are right now. And, to see record highs as warm as they are, the lower 100s, shows that seeing the heat that we’re seeing really isn’t all that big of a deal. Perhaps mentally, our bodies are thinking it’s a big deal because afterall, we did just go through one heck of a winter. So, where should we be for this time of year?

The average high should be in the mid 80s. So, am I surprised we’re seeing the heat? No, not at all. Is my body surprised? You betcha… thanks to the never-ending cold winter. But, it’s acclimating itself nicely to it..



3 Responses

  1. i know how you feel. i just spent a 10 day vacation in the mountains of yellowstone and grand teton np with highs in the 30s and 40s and i came back to this lol.

  2. Stormboy, you must have had an amazing time. The Grand Tetons are my favorite in the entire world. I try to spend atleast 2 weeks there every year… I hope you had a great time. Western Wyoming is amazing!

  3. it was even better considering the insane crowds hadn’t arrived yet 😉

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