Time for Something New..

No doubt about it, it’s been an interesting weather pattern lately that has given meteorologists in Oklahoma a few extra gray hairs. Why? Because there has been little consistency in what the models have been forecasting. But, in the next couple days, we could see a significant long wave pattern change that will make forecasting a tad bit easier here in The Southern Plains. So, what do I mean?

Here is the current weather pattern..

High pressure west of here keeps the storm track well into The Northern Plains. Occasionally, this set-up leaves is vulnerable to overnight storm complexes. But, for the most part, it’s somewhat difficult for us to see a really good storm chance. But, signs are that this pattern “should” be changing in just a number of days. If the models are taken for their word, then the surface map may look something like this.

The models, though inconsistent, are showing that at some point, during the 8-14 day period, we will see the high to the southwest replaced with a low pressure system. The good thing about long wave pattern changes, is that they tend to give us a more reliable forecast. But, right now, it’s tough to say just exactly when this change will happen. At one point, it was Friday, then it was Saturday, then Sunday, now we’re thinking Monday…either or, cooler temperatures and more consistent rain chances may be returning soon… ah… gotta love Oklahoma weather…



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