Oklahoma Is Still King…

When it comes to tornadoes… as we head out of the severe weather season here in Oklahoma and watch it drift north into The Northern Plains. But,we’re still the tornado capital of the world…

There is still a log jam here at the top though. We’re ahead of Texas by 1 report and Kansas is trying to catch up. Texas is still vulnerable to see a good tornado event or 2 still in The Panhandle and Kansas has the advantage due to their geography being north of Oklahoma. If I see any major changes coming to this report here, it’ll be from the storm system that is moving in this weekend.

Now, when it comes to hail storms, the rankings are slightly different.

Texas is king in the category, and by a long shot too. Well above Kansas and Nebraska, Oklahoma is ranked 4th in the nation for hail reports. This ranking though does not surprise me much given the size of Texas. What is interesting is to see the recent surge in hail reports coming from Nebraska. This here seems to be another sign that the severe weather season has jumped to the north rather quickly. I wouldn’t be surprised to see states like Colorado, Nebraska and perhaps even Southeastern Wyoming see a jump in hail reports in the next 2 months.



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