Tornado Season that Wasn’t?

For a while there, we were wondering when this tornado season was going to get it’s act together. And while we may have caught up on monthly reports, we are still lagging behind for the year…

Sure, we have seen an increase in the tornado reports, but if you look at what is normal and what we actually saw, the only month of the year that actually saw more tornadoes than average was January and April when we had 41 and 197 respectively, compared to the 37 that is normal in January and the 194 in April. February had 1 lone tornado report, compared to the 78 that is typical. March had 37, compared to the 138 that is normal. April barely went above normal by 3. May had 290 compared to 305 and for June, we’re still tallying. So, here is where we stand for the year across The United States…

We’re down 20% as of last Friday. The Storm Prediction Center is tallying reports from last weekends severe weather and will likely have those posted sometime today. But, as of right now, this is what we know. At the end of February, we were down about 40%, now, only 20%.  Not bad for all you storm chasers out there..



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