International Space Station

My interest in seeing the International Space Station pass over was prompted by something I saw on the National Weather Service web page.  They have an “Enhanced Weather Page” that they all work very hard on at the Norman office.  Feel free to check it out yourself.  A big thanks to them for posting information on this.  I decided to look up the next few passes just for fun.

Saturday June 12th at 3:33 am

Sunday June 13th at 3:58 am

Wednesday June 23rd at 5:18am

For these three passes, the best way to see the pass is to look to the NE part of the sky.  If there are clouds then forget it, but on a clear morning, (or night if you stay up super late) it can be quite amazing. It will look like a bright light in the sky, brighter than all the stars and it will be moving fairly quick.  These particular sightings may be fairly low in the sky.   Right now there are 6 astronauts on board.  Cool stuff.

Here is a page from NASA with more information.



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