And Here We Go….

Well, I am not really surprised… but, the drought has returned to Oklahoma…and even to parts of The Metro.

The latest Drought Monitor that was issued this past Thursday as a weak drought in Southern Cleveland County and a Moderate Drought just north of Lawton. Amazing really when you think about just how wet this winter was. But, the lack of rain across parts of the state are now starting to take a toll on the water table. This is where Will Rogers Airports stands right now..

Almost 4.5 inches below normal in the rain gauge. The short term outlook may be promising with a cold front moving in that could bring us inches of rain early next week. But, the long term trend is that we are likely to stay dry. And, with La Nina setting up.. this winter could look brutal…as weather brutal…



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  1. JUNE 13, 2010: Over NINE INCHES OF WATER fell from the sky in the last few hours, and landed on Central Oklahoma. The water was unexpected. Traffic was washed away from highways, cellars were flooded and potholes collapsed.

    Central Oklahoma has one drought season starting January 1 and ending on December 31. Most Oklahomans expressed confusion as to what the water was. However, Chief Car-Floating-In-The-Storm-Drain says the Indians had a legend about a time when water fell on Oklahoma. He advised us that “They used to call it, RAIN.” : >

    Meteorologists were very surprised. “We had warned about a drought” said Meteorologist Rick Mitchell.

    Other meteorologist also expressed confusion at the cause. “I don’t know what could have caused such a sudden massive flood to hit us in June, unless it was when President Obama said he expected a drought in Oklahoma.” : )

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