A Funny Thing Happened…

If you have been reading our blogs on a regular basis, then you know that we have been talking about how warm this month has been. And that at its current pace, we could be headed into a top 10 warmest June on record. And while it certainly was warm yesterday, warmer than normal, our monthly average temperature actually dropped by a tenth of a degree. Now, I know what you’re thinking. How in the world could our monthly average temperature drop a tenth of a degree when we were about 3 degrees above normal for a high? Well, it’s all because we saw yesterday’s average temperature only 5 degrees above normal (both high and low taken into account).

Yesterday, our average monthly temperature was registering 5.3 degrees above normal. But, since our average temperature yesterday was only 5 degrees above normal, it forced our average monthly temperature to drop, just barely. Again, for us to see this month go into the record books, it’s best that we average a daily high of 95 degrees and a daily low of 75 degrees. This morning we were in the lower 70s. Thus, we need to see a high somewhere in the upper 90s today to compensate.



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  1. Everytime its hot out side I listen to The Heat Is On-Glenn Frey.

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