The Sun Awakens…

It sounds silly to say that the sun is starting to awake (when does it ever sleep?), but according to NASA, the sun has been sleeping for the last 2-3 years. How? It’s because of a lack of sun spots. When the sun spots are missing, we see fewer “solar storms” and thus, less disruptions even here on earth to communications. Some astronomers have even gone as far to say that with the absence of sun spots, that something may be happening inside our closest star. But, what? Could it be a sign that our sun is shrinking?

What we do know is that the sun is doing something funky. Solar activity comes and goes. You can have a stretch that is active followed by a year or two of calmer conditions before the sun begins in return to a more active pattern. Here lies the problem though, the sun is not showing any signs of returning to an active sunspot cycle. Many of the computer models and scientists thought that 2009 would be the suns “coming out party” and that we would see a record swarm of solar flares and sun spots disrupting communications across the earth. But.. that has yet to be seen.

So, what comes next? Some astronomers believe that the sun will slowly awaken in the next few years with a slow increase in solar flares and sun spots..but in all reality, we’ll just have to sit there and watch.. with sunglasses of course..



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