Tropical Storm Alex and Oklahoma…

Our very first named storm in The Atlantic has not been given a lot of attention here in Oklahoma over the past few days. For the most part, the computer models this past weekend were keeping the storm well into Mexico. But, over the past 24 hours, the models have started to throw us a few curveballs. The following map shows a number of computer model track on Alex and what each computer is thinking.

Don’t focus on any one particular track, but rather, look at the overall pattern, which shows that the models are now pushing the storm’s center to the north, making landfall just south of Texas. And while this storm won’t make landfall until the end of the week, thanks to the slow movement, it could easily make landfall in Texas and possibly have the remnants move from Texas into Oklahoma just by early next week. (Possibly on July 4th). Right now, I have not included the impacts of Alex in my 7 day forecast, but I may need to soon if the weather models continue to show the track moving to the north more and more. If it does impact Oklahoma, it would be lots of heavy rain that would be our main impacts. Well, if you were tired of the heat, then here is your “cool weather maker”.



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