If Alex Moves This Way

If you’re like me, then you’re probably tired of hearing the term “uncertainity remains in this forecast”. But, when it comes to tropical systems, that’s what we’re forced to say a lot of the time. Why? Think about where a hurricane is for a majority of the time, over water, with very little data being collected other than what buoys and aircraft collect. And while some of the models have shown that what is left of Alex could move this way, how unusual would it be? Afterall, getting remnants of tropical systems in Oklahoma does happen. Check out this graph below.

We are most likely to see what is left of Hurricanes move into Oklahoma in August, September and October. However, the only information I could find on Oklahoma, were storms that still had names to them when they made it into The Sooner State. The Hurricane Center will usually stop tracking a storm once it is no longer a tropical depression and so should “Alex” make it into Oklahoma, it would NOT have a name to it and thus, would just be classified as a low pressure system, if even that.

So, if what is left of Alex moves this way, we could see some rain possible, starting late Saturday and into Sunday. A front though moving in from the north may be the bigger story than Alex is it could make for some locally heavy rain. While this is a possibility, we’re only inserting a slight chance of rain for the moment and will have to wait until the models become a little bit more consistent. This could get interesting…



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