Hottest Place in America

Keeping with the heat theme this week, it sometimes helps to put things into perspective. I know many of us have been complaining about the heat here in Oklahoma, but hey, it could be much worse out there. Let’s head west to Death Valley,California where the afternoon readings will look a lot like this.

Yeah, that’s a bit hot out there. (And don’t give me this “it’s a dry heat”). The National Weather Service in Las Vegas issued an EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING for Death Valley and Southern Nevada, but it’s not the same type of warning that parts of Oklahoma are dealing with today. Because it’s normal for the heat to occur in Vegas, there are different guidelines necessary for the Vegas office to issue a Heat Advisory or a Heat Warning. In July, afternoon highs much reach over 112 degrees for an extended period of time. (as of this writing, it’s 109 there) But, what may be even more remarkable is that when I looked at their observations earlier, I noticed that right before 5:56am, (sunrise was at 5:37am), that the temperature was only 93 degrees. That’s right, what we have been seeing for high temperatures here in Oklahoma was actually the low temperature in Sin City.  Finding a parking spot  out there is best determined by where the shade is, and not the distance.



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