Where’s The Heat?

Let’s see, here in Oklahoma City during the last 7 months we have had a blizzard, an ice storm, a wind storm, a hail storm, tornadoes, lightning, flooding..just about everything between here and the moon except well… a 100 degree temperature. True, we have  seen the heat index well over 100 degrees, but not once has Will Rogers seen the thermometer touch the century mark. So, how unusual is this? Not very when you look at the big picture, but if you were to compare it to the last 5 years, then it is unusual… very unusual! Check this out…

In the last 5 years, Oklahoma City has had at least “6” 100 degrees every year, and check out 2006. That’s not a typo, over a months worth of 100 degree days. But, it wasn’t a record for most 100 degree plus days in a year. That belongs to the year 1980, when we had 50. So, is this to say that we won’t see a 100 degree day here in Oklahoma City this year? Not quite, it’s still a little too early to make that assumption. Our average last 100 degree day won’t occur until August 20th. If we don’t reach it by then, then I would say our odds will be qucikly increasing that this year may be deemed “100 degree-less”. The last time that happened was back in 2004.



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