The Drought Worsens…

While Central Oklahoma was lucky earlier in the month to receive tons of rain, other parts of the state were not. And, given the recent trend in hot and dry weather, it appears that a drought is now starting to take place across The Sooner State. We’re not talking about a wimpy drought, we’re talking about one that has gone as far to be classified as a SEVERE DROUGHT. Here is the most recent drought monitor that was issued last Thursday.

There are really two parts of the state dealing with a drought. Northwestern Oklahoma and Southeastern Oklahoma. At the beginning of the year, 86% of the state was listed as “drought-free”, compared to now where only 73% of the state is listed as “drought-free”. The portion of the state that is dealing with a SEVERE DROUGHT would be in the Durant area. ABNORMALLY DRY drought conditions, which is listed as the weakest of droughts is the lightest shading of yellow on the map. Currently, 27% of the state is listed as having at least ABNORMALLY DRY conditions, compared to only 14% at the start of the year.

So, what is the outlook then? Are we going to keep this drought going? As of right now, there is not expected to be any sort of change in the drought conditions. There may be small amounts of improvement in southeastern Oklahoma. But, for now, the drought that we’re seeing is not expected to be anything significant in the next few months. As we head towards the winter though, that may be a different story as La Nina winters tend to be very dry for The Southern Plains.

Fortunately, this past week, Northwestern Oklahoma saw as much as an inch of rain, which should help out some for the MODERATE DROUGHT being reported in that part of the state. Southeastern Oklahoma didn’t do very well though. Only a tenth of an inch of rain was reported. Ouch…



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