The Jetstream

We don’t talk about the Jet stream that much in the summer, and there is a good reason for it.  It shifts north.  The Jet Stream is simply a tube of strong winds that is found in the upper levels of the atmosphere but it dictates our weather and weather patterns in many ways.  Most simply put, the colder air stays north of the Jet Stream and the warmer or milder air stays south of the Jet Stream.  In the winter, the Jet Stream can be right over us or even south of us at times.  When the Jet Stream shifts south it allows the cooler air to filter into the area.

When forecasting Severe Storms, we look for the Jet Stream to be right over us.  Severe storms are more likely when strong upper level winds are available to us.   In summer, the Jet stream shifts north, as seen below.

Very little cool air makes it into Oklahoma in the summer, because the Jet is so far north that we just stay hot.  As expected with this upper level pattern, no big cool downs in the near future, it just looks hot and humid through the beginning of August.



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