‘Cane Season = Bust?

Remember a few months ago? The forecasts for hurricanes and tropical storms this year was off the chart!If you forgot, then here is a refresher…

The forecast was impressive and certainly one that got a lot of attention from folks who live along the beach to insurance companies and even the media was all over it. But, here we are, into August and so far, 1 hurricane that struck Northern Mexico, a tropical storm that fizzled before reaching land and a tropical storm in The Middle of The Atlantic that will likely weaken faster than BP’s stock did 2 months ago. So, is it safe to say that meteorologists had no idea what they were talking about and are all now calling this year a bust? NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!

Hurricane season typically doesn’t show much in June and July and if you were to look at past history, our 3 named storms so far is basically par for the season. But, get ready..because with a warming ocean, the coverage of area where storms could develop is increasing.. a lot!

And, if past history is any indicator of future performance, then we’re just getting started here.

The chance of seeing a storm develop is heading up like a jet taking off and by the beginning of September, we’ll be at the peak at the ‘Cane season. Much like we saw this past spring here in Oklahoma. Just because you have a slow start to the severe weather season does not mean squat!



3 Responses

  1. Damon……

    Calm down! Anything can happen. Just for the record, I wouldn’t be counting on a calm, warm and serene winter season.

    • Yes, anything can happen, which is why I said that just because the hurricane season may not be as rowdy as expected (though, it is normal), that we can’t put our guard down just quite yet. We still have a long ways to go and things could still pick back up. And, I am def. not counting on a calm winter season… 🙂

  2. Damon, I’m scared. 😦

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