Is This Dry Weather Normal?

It seems to be popular talk out there these days. Is this dry weather normal? If this were May, I would say no, but it’s August, and thus, my answer changes somewhat. You see, August is actually the 5th driest month of the entire year. And, I know what you’re thinking, 5th isn’t really that impressive of a number. Basically, we’re almost in the middle here. But, when you look at what this month compares to when it comes to rain, then it puts the number more into perspective. August is up there with January, February, November and December when it comes to rainfall, and those are some really dry months.

Of course, it would be nice to get some rain in here, and while our chances may not be great over the next few days, they do exist. (And some is better than none right?)

We’ll put 20% in for Monday and Tuesday off of a low moving in from the south. Rain chances may have to be added again mid-week if high pressure stays west of here and brings in storm complexes at night. Keep your fingers crossed…



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