The Heat Goes On….But Relief In Sight

The blazing heat of late will continue the rest of the work week.  Expect high temperatures in the 100s and lows in the 70s and 80s through Friday.  While no records will be set, consider this heat dangerous if you don’t treat it with respect.  In fact as I type this, I’m getting word from the news department of a heat related death in Oklahoma City.  A Heat Advisory remains in effect through Thursday, and it will probably be extended into Friday, and perhaps even Saturday.

Heat safety tips include the following:

I see some relief on the horizon in the form of a cold front that will move into Oklahoma on Saturday.  This will be a heat busting front dropping our high temperatures into the lower 90s with a better chance of widespread thunderstorms Saturday and Sunday.

A wild card in this forecast could be a tropical storm that may develop in the Gulf of Mexico in the next day or so.  If it does develop it will be named Danielle, and will likely drift northwest toward the northern Gulf.  It is possible that it could be affecting New Orleans by the end of the week.

As usual we will keep a close eye on the situation, but it looks like at the very least we will enjoy a break in the heat by the weekend.



2 Responses

  1. you keep showing that the western part of oklahoma is not in a heat advicery…..but we are now at 101 and heat index is 104 in elk city. That is very hot here and it is 3:13 and it will get hotter before dark.

  2. Blame the NWS. They tend to love the Tulsa area, they have it the “worst”

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