Did Someone Say…Cold Front?

Are you tired of the heat? I am! But, the news that we have been waiting to hear now for over a month is only hours away from arriving… that’s right… cold front! Looking back at this month, we have yet to see a single day that had normal or even below normal temperatures. Actually..for the past month, we have seldom seen a below normal day. Check this out!

The average high this month has been 99.8 degrees, ok, so I rounded up to 100. No surprise that it’s been that hot since 30 out of the last 33 days have seen above normal temperatures. But, not only will tonight’s cold front bring rain with it, it’ll also bring some cooler weather.

So, while we should be at 93 for a high, tomorrow, we’ll see a high of 92 degrees. It may only be 1 degree below normal, but since the average monthly high has been 100… I’ll be happy to call that a refreshing cool down! Now, just wait until we hit January and it’s 25 out… then we’ll be longing for the days of upper 90s… 🙂



2 Responses

  1. How is it that a cold front comes through and we didn’t get any rain out of it (at least here in central OK)?

    • Kelly, the dynamics just weren’t there. We may have been missing a few pieces of the puzzle. Similar to how cold fronts move in during the late fall/winter and we can miss getting rain. Fortunately, our chances of rain are still in the forecast..so, all hope is not lost ..not yet 🙂

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