The Hottest Part Of The Year Is Over, But Don’t Be Fooled

I’m speaking only from a climatological sense, not necessarily from a forecast sense, but the hottest part of the year is over.  When looking at average temperatures, the hottest time of the year is late July through the first 10 days of August.  Average temperatures during that time run in the mid 90s for highs, and lower 70s for lows in OKC.  After that, the averages begin to decrease.  Take a look:

Those average temperatures on September 30 look pretty good right now don’t they?  This is not to say that we can’t have some pretty suffocating heat the rest of August into September, because we can.  Just go back to September of 2000.  We set record highs on the first three days of the month with highs of 106, 108 and 108 respectively.  Then for good measure we hit 101 on the 10th, and 105 on the 11th.

So even though we are past the worst part of summer in “average temperature land”, we can still see sweltering heat.



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