2nd Warmest July on Record!

Let’s see, in July, we had massive flooding followed by a thermometer that was starting to rise towards the end of the month. Yes, it was warm, and it wasn’t just here in Oklahoma. It was warm all around the world! According to NCDC, the combined surface temperature for the month was 61.6 degrees, which was 1.19 degrees F above the 20th century average. Here is a breakdown of temperature departures from normal. The bigger the red circle, the warmer the average.

Too many red circles on this map, especially in places like Finland where an all time record was set of 99 degrees. Moscow set an all-time record of 102 degrees and in Beijing, the average temperature was the warmest since July of 1961.

For the year, the impacts of El Nino are quickly starting to diminish. If you do a search in the weather blog, you’ll see a map that looks a lot like this one, only it was for February. During that month, we had extreme cold and some very big “blue circles” on the map. For a while there, I thought it would have been difficult to see a “normal” temperature year return since it was so cold. Yes, I confess, I was wrong. With the climb in temperatures over the months, we are seeing those “blue dots” get smaller and smaller.

As for the poles. The news wasn’t all bad. The Arctic Sea Ice covered an average of 3.2 million square miles in July. That is 16.9% below the 1979-2000 average. But, in Antarctica, the sea ice was above average, 4.8% to be exact resulting in the largest July sea ice extent on record. (Remember, it’s winter down there).

The bad news is that with La Nina setting up, we’ll likely see even more “red dots” on this map here across The Southern Plains.



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