Just How Hot Has It Been?

So, just how hot has it been? Well, it shouldn’t take a meteorologist to tell you..but..VERY! But, not just very hot.. how about..VERY VERY VERY HOT? The average temperature this month, which takes into account the low and the highs has been way up there.

87.7 degrees to be exact, making it so far the 3rd warmest August on record.. To put this in to perspective some, let’s compare it with the rest of the list here.

And yes, I am aware that we’re only mid-way through the month. But, looking at this graph here helps us to understand the heat more clearly. If the month ended today, then we would be seeing the 3rd warmest August ever. Fortunately, there is a lot of room left this month to drop (or raise ) this average monthly temperature. Kind of makes me miss the cold winter… I said.. kind of…



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