Talk About Some LOW Pressure..

Last week I got a wild hair. With a few days off, I decided to jump up into Colorado and climb a few 14’ers. (I have a life goal to climb every peak over 14,000 feet in Colorado). ALong the way, I was playing around with my handheld weather instrument. And while the temperature was usually off for a while because I kept the thing in my pocket. The 2 pieces of information that I was paying attention to closely were the altitude and the pressure. This is where things started to get cool.. and I mean…real cool! Check out the photo below..

At 14,089 feet the pressure was 18.04″. (The lowest pressure ever in a hurricane was 26.05″) Talk about a very “low” pressure.  But, if that were the case, then why wasn’t there a big “L” on the weather map that day I climbed? I mean, the pressure there was lower than anywhere else just about. But, there lies the problem… the pressure will ALWAYS be lower in the mountains simply because of the altitude. So, in order to see the real changes in the day to day weather patterns, we have to calibrate the barometer to sea level so that we can see just how strong storms are as they move across The United States. If we didn’t, then we would always have a big “H” along the coast and a big “L” high in the mountains. And, what good would that serve us to see the same readings every single day? So, if anything, I thought it was really cool to see a barometer that lo… yes, I am a weather nerd…



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