Fryin’ Eggs on The Sidewalk…

Ok, so perhaps it’s not THAT warm. (Apparently you need the temperature of the sidewalk to reach 155 degrees. On the hottest of days, the sidewalk only gets to about 145 degrees). But, it has been warm out there. The recent “dip” in temperatures lately from the 100s to the 90s has brought down our average daily high.

Earlier in the week, the average daily high was about 100 degrees, now, it’s down to 99.4. So, yes a small improvement, but check out the bottom of the image. 32 out of the last 35 days have been above normal. So, with the cloudy skies and rain in the area today, will we see a below normal day? Probably not..our low temperature this morning was only 77 degrees (unofficial). So, with the low 7 degrees above normal, we’ll have to see our daily high temperature 7 degree below normal for it to be classified as a “normal” day. That means, we can’t see our daily high get above 86 degrees ..or else…today will be looked at as just another above normal day…sigh…


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