Snowing In The Summer…

Sick and tired of the hot temperatures? We may be saying that here in Oklahoma, but in the land of 14,000 foot mountains, they may be jealous of our warm weather. Atop Pikes Peak, Colorado, the 57th tallest peak in The United States, it wasn’t just the cold they were dealing with 2 days ago. It was a thunderstorm that not only dropped some hail, but also a good dusting of snow.Is it uncommon to see snow on the 14er Peaks in August? No, not exactly. But, it is cool to see, especially as we head towards the end of August. And while some may view this as a sign that our seasons are changing, it’s important to remember that above 14,000 feet, you really don’t experience a “season”. A warm day up there is usually classified as hitting 50 degrees. So, while Coloradans may scoff at the site of snow this high up, for us “flatlanders”… it’s pretty cool.



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