Update: Oklahoma Drought

It’s been a little while since we have looked at the current drought situation here in Oklahoma. (It’s been even longer since we have seen a good soaking rainfall before today). And once again, the problem areas seem to still be in the northwest and southeastern corners of the state where anywhere from a MODERATE DROUGHT to a SEVERE DROUGHT continue to remain. And while a drought is a drought is a drought, this drought seems to be classified more as an agricultural drought than a hydrological drought. Which means that the land is suffering more than the water levels. (Either or is still bad to me).

But, there is some good news out there. Where the drought is at its worse, which is in Northwestern Oklahoma, over 2 inches of rain fell this morning meaning that conditions are likely not to get worse for the short term.

The bad news though is that I don’t see the long term forecast getting any better. With La Nina setting up, we’re likely to see stretches like this where heavy rainfall may only arrive once a month or so.


2 Responses

  1. I think that is the lightest and warmest rain I have ever felt here in Norman.

  2. Your comment was approved, but they kept rejecting my comments for weeks now!

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