Is Fall In The Air?

It’s tough to please Oklahomans sometimes. In the winter, we were wanting the heat, now that the heat is here, some of us are wanting the cool to return. So, what’s it going to be this week? Well.. the heat wins again!(As it has for the past 40 days or so)

Yes, the average high so far this month continues to be up there and this weekend will be no different (unless you’re able to get one of the few thunderstorms this afternoon). But, for those who are tired of the near 100 degree temperatures, there may be some relief in sight!

Many of the models are consistent that a cold front will move well into The Southern Plains taking the edge of the temperatures for a while. Sadly, all this front will do though is just bump us down to normal. And while highs in the lower 90s is nothing to brag about, getting lows in the 60s may be. When was the last time that happened? (OK, so it happened yesterday morning… ) But before yesterday morning, the last time it happened was back on July 6th… which just so happened to be 66,240 minutes ago… but..who’s counting?



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  1. The leaves are falling.

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