From Floods to Drought…

We mentioned earlier that the drought had rolled into Oklahoma City. Should you be shocked? Nope..not one bit. Yes, we may be over 3 inches above normal for the year in rain, but remember, it’s not how much rain you see, it’s when you get it. Check this out..

At the beginning of June, we started seeing the rain and lots of it as storms after storms after storms rolled in to The Metro. By the end of the first week of July, we had over 14.50 inches of rain. But, then the rain machine turned off and since then, it’s been bone dry. Not even a half inch of rain in the last 6 weeks. That’ll easily start a drought. And while we do have rain chances here and there, we need a good soaking rain to come in and knock this out. And, with the winter months not that far away, if we don’t see this drought end, then it could get brutal this winter. Winds and dry weather mean one thing…wild fire season!



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