This Blog Post Brought To You By The Number 13

Let’s play the numbers game, only we’re just going to use one number: 13.

We’ve had 13 days this year where the temperature has hit 100 or higher in OKC.  Monday could easily be number 14, but as of now, we’ve had 13.

As we progress through the latter portion of summer, our days are getting shorter.  Actually the days are still 24 hours long, it’s the daylight that is decreasing.  That leads us to our next number 13.  We lost 13 minutes of daylight this past week.  In other words, today had 13 less minutes of daylight compared to a week ago.

And finally, there are 13 days remaining until college football returns to Oklahoma.  The Sooners and Cowboys both open their seasons at home on Saturday, September 4.  I can’t wait!



2 Responses

  1. I predicted 12 days, so I lost. :*-(

    Today was the first day that I have noticed the daylight was really getting short. I was at work and at around 8:30pm, I had to alert someone to turn on the lights outside. LOL And when I was going home at 9:00pm, it was pretty much dark compare to several days ago.

    So yeah, I lost on the 100# prediction. :*-(

  2. Btw, I miss the LW. :*-(

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