Danielle..One Confused ‘Cane?

At first, it seemed like a simple Hurricane to forecast. All the models were wanting keep Hurricane Danielle well away from The United States. And perhaps they are still correct..but, let’s look at some different scenarios here. Here is the National Hurricane Forecast on Danielle (as of 9am local)

It’s safe to say that the models want to take Danielle to the northwest and then eventually to the north. So, what is steering it in this direction? A cold front moving across The United States will eventually catch up with the hurricane and then steer it away from America. But, what if this cold front slowed down? Then what would happen?

The track would likely take it even closer to The Northeast and perhaps, if the front fizzles out or slows down even more, it could get close enough that we could see even more impacts from Virginia to Maine. This could get interesting, especially since some of the forecasts this years were indicating that The Northeast had a really good chance of experiencing a land-falling ‘Cane this year.



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