King of the 100’s…

The count isn’t over yet, but it seems that as you would expect, our recent heat wave here in Oklahoma City could have been much much worse. True, 14 days of 100 degrees or warmer is nothing to scoff at. But, imagine living in a town that saw over 73 (and still counting?). And in San Angelo,Texas the last time they saw a 90 degree day was at the end of July, seeing 24 straight days of 100 degree plus heat. And then there is Miami,Florida who has yet to see a triple digit day. Is that unheard of? Not even close… this graphic right here illustrates perfectly the impact that moisture has on temperatures. The wetter the air, the longer it takes to warm up, the drier the air, the faster it warms up. Which is why even though Miami is further south than Phoenix, it struggles to reach 100, while Arizona has so such problem.



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