Make A Christmas Day Forecast….Yes, You

Rusty’s tongue-in-cheek post about a Christmas forecast inspired me to make a forecast as well.  Let’s face it, we are four months away from Christmas and anything can happen (but hopefully not another blizzard) so let’s all have some fun and make a forecast.

I’m going go with this forecast for Christmas Day:

partly cloudy with a high of 56

Simple and heavily based in climatology.  So what do you think?  Take a guess and send me your forecast in the comments section.  I’ll try to save them and we’ll see who came the closest to getting it right.  So far Rusty is saying snow and 35, while I’m not as pessimistic.  Now it’s your turn to make a forecast.



11 Responses

  1. Near record high of 70, followed a couple of days later by a blue norther and ice storm.

  2. What I think: Mid-60s and we will be complaining that we haven’t seen snow yet this year.
    What I want: Another blizzard. I loved last year and would love a repeat.

  3. Christmas 2010,

    Chilly, partly cloudy. 1″ snow 31 degrees

  4. My Christmas forecast (12/25/2010) I believe it will be partly sunny with light winds in the mid 40’s.

  5. I live in Norman. Christmas day it will be 43 degrees and sunny, clear skies with a light breeze.

  6. Sunny, a high of 29*F Rick. Make sure you spell that Brian with an “i” not a “y” 😉

  7. I’m hoping for another blizzard because, face it, after last year, any other weather will seem wimpy by comparison….

  8. Best chance for winter weather this Dec: 10th-18th
    Christmas Eve: 30% Snow
    Christmas Day: 20% chance snow, High 38, Low 24
    SST NDJ -0.7

    • I’ll take your odds cowboy for snow on Christmas Eve/ Christmas…
      High 22 Low 10…
      I think SST in nino 3.4 region near -1.1 for NDJ…
      Greatest liklihood of precip. in Dec comes in its first 10 days with bitter cold towards the end!.. We’ll end winter w/ a good late season storm at the first of March…

  9. I’ll say Chirstmas Day will be 40 with mild winds and a 20% chance of snow. Last year my water was froze for 9 days and my hot water heater hasn’t worked from that day till now.

  10. I’m going to say cloudy, cold and windy with flurries possible.

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