My Turn…

Thanks to Rusty and Rick, I suppose it’s now my turn to throw in my Christmas Forecast. I’ll tip my hat to Rusty, last year, on his facebook page, around December 15th, his post read somethin like this, ” Models Are Hinting at Snow on Christmas…”. I scoffed for a little bit and then realized, “wow, the models are actually handling this system quite well”. But Rusty, I can’t jump on board with your forecast this year (I may eat those words later). So, here is mine:

So, how did I come up with mine? Using climatology and some weather muscle, since we are now heading into a La Nina season, I looked back at previous La Nina years and then based my projections off of them. The last La Nina season was back in 2007, when our forecast highs/lows that day were 58/28. In 1999, we were 59/25. Yes, these were what we called “moderate” La Nina winters. Weak La Nina’s weren’t taken into account. So, this is my projection, Mostly Sunny, high of 58 and low of 30. I see a lee-side trough forming west and giving us some gusty winds that day too. Take that to Vegas!


PS- Sarah Libby and Steve Carano.. your turn!


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