UPDATE: WSI Tropical Outlook

Weather Service International (WSI) has updated their tropical season outlook and to no surprise, it’s expected to remain active. For those who are curious, WSI is the name of the company that supplies graphics and forecasting models to KOCO. Here is the updated forecast:

The outlook is still the same. I always try to emphasize with people not to focus on a particular number for the hurricane forecast, but rather, look at the trend, which is to keep a busier than normal season. Yes, WSI did bump down their outlook on total storms and hurricanes by 1, but that to me is not the thing that matters here. It’s the fact that this year is expected to be quite busy. What WSI has added to their forecast is where a landfalling hurricane is likely to occur. Here is what they think:

While anywhere from Brownsville,Texas to Bar Harbor, Maine can see a landfalling hurricane, the risk has been enhanced for those in the northeast. The reason for the risk? Given the northern hemispheric ocean temperatures and current atmospheric patterns, the northeast stands an increased threat to see a landfalling hurricane.



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  1. My family and I will be going to Long Island, New York for Thanksgiving this year. I sincerely hope that the Atlantic Ocean is done churning out the ‘canes by then. Our biggest challenge will hopefully be dodging the weather systems inland as we drive from OKC to NY. Thanks for some great informative and sometimes funny blog entries. You guys are truly awesome!

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