Understanding The Drought

As Rick mentioned last night, the drought conditions continue to worsen across most of Oklahoma despite the fact that some areas did receive a healthy amount of rain this past week. However, the heaviest of the rain was isolated to only tens of miles and did not affect everyone. However, while we are now seeing the drought approach Oklahoma City, it’s a “special” kind of drought that we’re dealing with. I’ll explain..

There are 3 types of droughts. A meteorological drought, an agricultural drought and a hydrological drought. A meteorological drought is a drought where below average precipitation is experienced for a prolonged amount of time. An agricultural drought is one that affects crop production ( usually due to prolonged periods of below normal rain). And third, a hydrological drought where th lakes are impacted by having low water levels.

This particular drought that we’re dealing with is mainly an agricultural drought that is mainly impacting the farmers. (As well as locals who relay on Mother Nature to supply water to their lawns). Here is why things may be looking a bit brown lately:

Of course, this reading is from Will Rogers, but you get the point. That amount of dryness will certainly lead to a drought. Remember, it’s not how much rain you see, it’s when you get it. So, even if we’re still above normal for the year (2.75″), the recent dry spell is what’s hurting us. Reports suggest that the soybean crop is really the only crop that has been impacted, which even so has been very little. But, things could get worse if rain doesn’t come in soon!



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